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Arise serves as a launchpad for new students who enroll in ForeverU. A common theme among young people is placing limitations on whom they can become and what they can achieve. This three-day digital workshop helps students unlock access to the capabilities already present inside them and allows them to establish a road map for their ideal life path. To ensure students experience higher engagement and long-term benefits, each workshop consists of no more than eight students.


whAT'S INCLUDED with arise?

3 Discovery Sessions

Each day of the workshop, students meet online via Zoom with a ForeverU instructor for 90 minutes to learn a new skill or exercise for developing an attainable “life plan."

launch kit

Before the digital workshop begins, we mail students a personalized launch kit containing a welcome letter from our team, guided materials, a folder, and more.

Unlock next steps

When a student completes all three discovery sessions, they become eligible for part two and three in their program journey, including "Ascend" and "Camp Apex."

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the workshop cost to participate?

Arise is free for students, thanks to our generous donors and supporters. Still, we allow parents/guardians to make an optional one-time or recurring donation to ForeverU at the confirmation screen after registration.

Is there a participation or attendance requirement?

If a student misses a session, they may lose eligibility for "Ascend" and "Camp Apex."

Where do the daily sessions take place?

The workshop sessions take place on Zoom. A link to access the sessions will be sent out via email the day of each session. Once you click on the link, you will be re-directed to Zoom.

What time of day do these sessions take place?

These online sessions take place each day from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm (CT) via Zoom.

What if I miss one of the sessions, can I still access a recording?

To protect registered students' privacy and safety, recordings of each session will not be available for viewing after the workshop. 

Do I need any materials or supplies to participate in the workshop?

Yes.​ All digital materials needed to participate are sent out via email the day of each session. 

How do I ensure I have a quality online experience in the workshop?

Ensure that you have a strong internet connection, use the Google Chrome web browser, and keep yourself muted when you're not speaking. But most importantly, take responsibility for your own learning and look at this as an opportunity to invest in yourself.

Does my camera have to be on during each session?

To ensure all students feel comfortable during each session, we do require all students to have their cameras on at all times.

Will I be expected to speak or participate at the workshop?

You will not be required to speak or participate unless you ask a question or voluntarily share a response to a session instructor's question.

Is attendance required for all sessions?

At the end of the workshop, we provide you with information about continuing your journey at ForeverU by signing up for "Ascend" and attending "Camp Apex."

How many students participate in this workshop?

Research shows us that students experience higher engagement and long-term benefits in a small group setting. Each workshop we host consists of no more than 8 students.

What happens at the end of the workshop?

At the end of the workshop, you will be provided with information about continuing your journey at ForeverU by signing up for "Ascend" and attending "Camp Apex".

How do you engage parents/guardians?

Parents/guardians who have a child registered for the workshop will be given a digital action plan after the workshop. This will include information about what their child has learned, ways to help their child keep their momentum going at home, and practical ways to empower the household each day of the week.


Do you offer in-person workshops?

We do not currently offer in-person workshops through Arise. However, if you represent a youth-focused program or organization and would like to host an in-person workshop, this opportunity is available. Please contact us for more information about being a workshop site host.