The first step a student takes as they begin their journey at ForeverU is participating in our online retreat experience. This virtual "reset" provides students with a fast-track to personal development and the power of a growth mindset. 



There are only 100 seats available.


There are only 100 seats available.


There are only 100 seats available.

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We help students better manage their thoughts and emotions through practices built on mindfulness and self-awareness.

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We help students develop a growth mindset that leads to a life of resilience, confidence, and positive decision making.

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We help students establish a sense of order and structure in their life through strategic goal setting techniques and exercises.

Your Instructors

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of training do the mentors go through?

All mentors are required to undergo a background check and video interview with our mental health subcommittee. If selected, they are required to complete our online mentor training program in partnership with Silver Oaks Behavioral Hospital.

What are the requirements for mentors?
Mentors must be at least 21 years of age, a certified Mandated Reporter in the state of Illinois, be passionate about youth development and mental health advocacy, and must have at least an undergraduate degree in social work, psychology, or a related field.

Do you accommodate student dietary restrictions?

Yes. All dietary restrictions are required to be submitted during the registration process and are then shared by the facility hosting the retreat.

Do you have a certified nurse or licensed counselor on-site?

Yes.​ We have a certified nurse who stays with us the entire day and we also have a licensed counselor who is available during the day for students in need of professional oversight, support, or direction.

What if I'm not enjoying my peer group experience?

If this is the case, please notify us. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and get you connected to a mentor and local peer group that you're comfortable with.

Are their expectations for parents who's child is participating in the retreat?

All parents/guardians are required to attend an exit workshop at the end of the retreat that will highlight key concepts, recommended parenting practices, and how they can help their child continue their momentum at home.


How can my child stay involved with ForeverU after the retreat?

Following the retreat, students will continue to have access to their assigned mentor and local peer group which meets on a weekly basis.​ You can learn more about our ForeverU peer groups by clicking here.

Do you offer financial aid to students for the retreat?

No. We do not provide financial assistance to students who wish to participate in a ForeverU's one-day retreat..​ However, we do provide financial aid to all students who wish to participate in an overnight camp experience.

What does registration fee include?

The registration fee for each student includes a welcome gift, meals, guided program materials, access to all retreat activities and workshops, an assigned mentor and local peer group.

Can I attend multiple one-day retreats?

Yes.​ If you would like to return to a one-day retreat for a "recharge", you can. Please keep in mind that by doing so, you will be assigned an additional mentor and local peer group. As for the registration fee to participate in an additional one-day retreat, you receive a 50% discount.