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FOREVERU offers a transformative three-part program journey to teens in grades 7-12. Our program model aims to create a positive, long-lasting impact on adolescent mental health and wellness, social and character development, self-esteem, resilliency, and desire for personal achievement. Not sure if our program is right for you? Read below about scheduling an On-Ramp Session.

New teens and families interested in joining FOREVERU are invited to schedule an On-Ramp Session with an Enrollment Counselor. These meetings will educate families on our program model, help us understand the goals and needs of the teen, and create a comfortable space to get any questions answered. If we believe our program is a good fit for the teen, we will get them started on their program journey. Click below to get started!


1. Meet with our enrollment team

Register to attend an on-ramp session with an Enrollment Counselor to get started!

2. Sign up for a
one-day retreat

At the end of the session, we will help you get signed up for our one-day retreat.

3. Continue your program journey

After the retreat, we will instruct you on the next steps in your program journey.

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"Arise" is a one-day retreat that serves as a launchpad for new students who enroll in FOREVERU. A common theme among young people is placing limitations on whom they can become and what they can achieve. This free retreat experience helps students unlock access to the abilities already present within them, equips them with practical life skills and mental tools, and teaches them how to establish a roadmap for their ideal life.  

Participants receive access to four in-person 60-minute discovery sessions with a trained retreat instructor, guided materials for the retreat, meals for both lunch and dinner, and unlock access to the next steps in their program journey.

Pt 1. Arise: One-Day Retreats

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When a student completes part one of their program journey, they become eligible for our six-month mentoring experience called "Ascend". While developing a roadmap for our ideal life path is essential, having the support system for putting it into action is just as crucial. That is why through Ascend, we assign each student two local young adult mentor, an uplifting peer community, and insightful resources to help them continue their journey of self-discovery at FOREVERU.

Participants receive access to a supportive community group that consists of two adult mentors, four fellow students, and occasionally one peer mentor. As a group, you will participate in two in-person 90-minute discovery sessions per month, receive access to one thirty-minute online video support call per month with your mentor, a group outing to build friendships and community, printable guided materials, and also become eligible to apply as a peer mentor after the six months.

Pt 2. Ascend: Discovery Groups


Pt 3. Apex: Summer Camps

During the summer months, FOREVERU offers unforgettable in-person camp experiences called "Camp Apex". These four-night, five-day empowerment camps allow enrolled students to experience a personal reset and help them grow their toolbox of cognitive skills and tools for supporting their personal roadmap. Each camp we host consists of an inspiring guest speaker series, transformative small group discussions, interactive workshops focused on purpose and passion, and other inclusive activities that teach students how to be brave with their story.
Camp Apex is the only experience offered that requires a registration tuition payment. However, we do provide financial aid to eligible students.