Our Programs

FOREVERU offers transformative program experiences to teens ages 12-18. Our creative program model exists to empower youth with the cognitive skills and tools for growing mental resilience, accelerating character development, improving self-esteem, and igniting an internal desire for personal achievement. To get the most out of their program journey, students who enroll should be open to positive growth and change and must be willing to take responsibility for their own learning and development.

New teens and families interested in joining FOREVERU are invited to schedule an Admissions Meeting at our Teen & Family Admissions Office in New Lenox or can be done via Zoom. These intake sessions educate families on our program services, help us understand the goals and needs of the teen, and create a comfortable space to get any questions answered. If we believe our program is a good fit for the teen, we will begin registration.


1. Meet with Our Admissions Team

Schedule your admissions meeting with an Enrollment Counselor to get started!

2. Register for 
Living Louder

At the end of the meeting, we will help you get signed up for Living Louder™.

3. Continue Your Program Journey

After the 12-weeks, we will instruct you on the next steps in your program journey.

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Living Louder™ is a 12-week after-school experience that serves as a launchpad for new students who enroll in FOREVERU. A common theme among our young people is placing false limitations on who they can become and what they can achieve. Sadly, these limiting beliefs often prevent our youth from pursuing their full potential at school, at home, and in life. Students participating in Living Louder will be encouraged to dream braver and bolder about how they envision the next chapter of their life story unfolding.

Over these 12 weeks, students will unlock access to the capabilities already present within them and learn the basics for establishing a "storymap" for their ideal life path. To support them throughout this journey of self-discovery, students are assigned a trained instructor, certified mentor, and a peer group. Weekly meetings are hosted every Monday from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at our New Lenox office.


  • Welcome Kit and Guided Program Materials

  • Lesson Teachings with a Trained Instructor

  • Peer Support Sessions with a Certified Mentor

  • Storyteller Session with a Featured Alumni Member

  • Group Outing with Assigned Mentor and Peer Group

  • Hands-On Service Outreach Experience in the Community

  • Debrief Session to Celebrate and Discuss Next Steps


When a teen graduates from Living Louder™, we invite them to pay it forward as a peer mentor in the program, allowing them to find meaning and earn service-learning hours along the way.

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FOREVERU offers unforgettable day-camp experiences during the winter and summer months called Camp Reset™. While developing a roadmap for our ideal life path is essential, having the support system for putting it into action is just as crucial. These immersive empowerment camps hosted on a college campus provide students with a personal reset that reminds them of the value of who they are and the story they are living.

Each camp consists of an inspiring guest speaker series, refreshing small group discussions, interactive workshops that help them explore their individual purpose and passions, and other inclusive activities that build friendship and community. 

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Our Experience

Our program model, curriculum development, and mentor training operate under the professional oversight of mental health professionals who serve on our Program Advisory Committee. We are committed to ensuring that the services we offer are designed with the guidance and direction of seasoned professionals who care deeply about the hearts, minds, and safety of those we serve.