start your journey

ForeverU offers a three-part program for 7-12 grade students that positively impacts their mental health and wellness, social and character development, self-esteem, and desire for personal achievement. Find more details below!


1. Join a workshop

New students are required to complete phase one of their program journey by attending an upcoming workshop.


2. become a member

When a student successfully completes this workshop, they are eligible to enroll in ForeverU as an official member


3. start next steps

When the membership application is completed, the student will receive guidance on the next steps in their program journey.

create your roadmap

"Arise" serves as a launchpad for new students who enroll in ForeverU. A common theme among young people is placing limitations on whom they can become and what they can achieve. This free two-day workshop helps students unlock access to the capabilities already present inside them and allows them to establish a road map for their ideal life path.
Participants receive access to four 60-minute discovery sessions with a ForeverU instructor, guided materials for the workshop, and unlock access to the next steps in their ForeverU journey as described below.

grow your support system

When students complete part one of their program journey, they become eligible for our six-month mentoring experience called “Ascend.” While developing a roadmap for our ideal life path is essential, having the support system for putting it into action is just as crucial. That is why through Ascend, we assign students a mentor, a supportive peer group, and resources to help them continue their journey of self-discovery.

Participants receive access to two 90-minute discovery sessions per month with an assigned mentor and peer group, one mentor support call per month, printable guided materials, and become eligible to apply as a peer mentor.

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maintain your momentum


During the summer months, ForeverU offers unforgettable in-person camp experiences called "Camp Apex." These four-night, five-day empowerment camps allow students to experience a personal reset and enable them to grow their “toolbox” of mental skills and exercises. Each camp consists of a guest speaker series, inspiring group discussions, interactive workshops focused on purpose and passion, and other inclusive activities that teach students how to be brave with their story.


Camp Apex is the only experience offered that requires a registration tuition payment. However, we do provide financial aid to eligible students.