How much does the workshop cost to participate?

Arise is free for students, thanks to our generous donors and supporters. Still, we allow parents/guardians to make an optional one-time or recurring donation to FOREVERU at the confirmation screen after registration.


Is there a participation or attendance requirement?

If students miss a session, they may lose eligibility for "Ascend" and "Camp Apex."


Where do the daily sessions take place?

The workshop sessions take place in our Workshop Suite based in New Lenox, IL. All details for the meeting location and finding directions will be sent out via email to registered participants.


What time of day do these sessions take place?

These sessions take place each day from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm at our Workshop Suite.


What if I miss one of the sessions, can I still access a recording?

To protect registered students' privacy and safety, recordings of each session will not be available for viewing after the workshop.


Do I need any materials or supplies to participate in the workshop?

All guided materials needed to participate will be provided upon arrival at the workshop. 

How many students participate in this workshop?
Research shows us that students experience higher engagement and long-term benefits in a small group setting. Therefore, each workshop we host consists of no more than eight students.​

What happens at the end of the workshop?

At the end of the workshop, students will be provided with information about continuing their journey at FOREVERU by transitioning into "Ascend" and/or attending "Camp Apex".

How do you engage parents/guardians?

Parents/guardians who have a child registered for the workshop will be given a digital action plan after the workshop. This will include information about what their child has learned, ways to help their child keep their momentum going at home, and practical ways to empower the household each day of the week.

How do I ensure I have a quality experience in the workshop?

1. Be patient with yourself.

2. Be patient with the process.

3. Be curious and ask questions.

4. Have an open heart and open mind.

5. Have the willingness to grow and stretch yourself.

6. Look at this opportunity as a time to invest in yourself and your future.




How much does Ascend cost to participate?
Ascend is free for students, thanks to our generous donors and supporters. Still, we allow parents/guardians to make an optional one-time or recurring donation to
FOREVERU at the confirmation screen after registration.

Is there a participation or attendance requirement?
If students miss more than (3) sessions, they may not be eligible to apply as a “Peer Mentor” and may lose access to Camp Apex.

Where do the discovery sessions take place?
Weekly sessions are hosted at a public location in the local community that has been verified and approved by
FOREVERU. Location details for where your peer group will meet each week are provided after registration.

What time of day do these weekly sessions take place?
Sessions take place every week for 90 minutes. However, the day and time of when your sessions take place are decided by your assigned mentor.

Do I need any materials or supplies to participate?
Printable materials needed to participate are sent out via email the week of each session. 

How do you engage parents with a student's
FOREVERU experience?
Helping a student thrive in our program is a team effort. Each month, we email parents/guardians an action-plan newsletter that explains in detail what their child is learning and practical steps they can take as a parent to continue their child's momentum at home.

Will I have access to my mentor outside of our sessions?
All students are required to schedule a one-on-one support call with their assigned mentor at least once per month. This is a critical component of your FOREVERU experience.
How many students participate in each peer group?
Research shows us that students experience higher engagement and long-term benefits in a small group setting. Each peer group consists of no more than four students.​
​What if I'm not enjoying my mentor or assigned peer group?
If you are not enjoying your FOREVERU experience, please notify us. We would be more than happy to try finding you a new mentor or peer group that meets your needs.
​What happens at the end of the six months?
At the end of the six months, you will be invited to continue your FOREVERU journey by continuing to attend "Camp Apex" or applying as a "Peer Mentor" in Ascend.

What does it mean to become a Peer Mentor?

If students enjoyed their six months in Ascend, they are more than welcome to repeat the mentorship experience and request another peer group and mentor. However, once they complete Ascend, they are eligible to apply as a "Peer Mentor". As a Peer Mentor, they will be assigned a new mentor and peer group and serve as a co-leader. This allows a student to stay connected with FOREVERU for the remainder of their high school career and will enable them to pass along their new knowledge to other students.


Does the camp cost anything to participate?
Camp Apex does have a tuition fee for each camp. However, FOREVERU does offer financial aid and scholarships to low income families who cannot afford to attend a camp experience.

Is staying overnight required to participate in the camp?
No. Students are able to enroll as a day-time camper during the registration process.

What is the housing and bathroom format like?
Overnight students stay in housing that is gender-specific and is overseen by the camp staff that we have on-site. For students who identify as something other than male or female, we will work with the student and their parents/guardians to make accommodations that ensure they feel safe and comfortable during their overnight camp experience.

Do you accommodate student dietary restrictions?
All dietary restrictions must be submitted during the registration process and are then shared by the lodging facility hosting the camp.
What if my child is going to camp alone, how do I know they'll feel connected?
Most students who participate in our camps attend alone, so our camps become life-changing experiences for students in attendance. By the end of the week, they will have an entire community of people rallying behind them. Our camp staff and volunteers are also heavily trained on cultivating a camp culture built on inclusion and compassion.

Do you have a certified nurse or licensed counselor on-site?
Yes.​ We have a certified nurse who stays with us the entire week. We also have licensed counselors who are available during the day for students in need of professional intervention.

What are the requirements for camp mentors?
​Mentors must be at least 21 years of age, a certified Mandated Reporter in the state of Illinois, and must have at least an undergraduate degree in a mental health-related field. You can learn more about mentor requirements by clicking here. All mentors must also complete FOREVERU's training certification program in partnership with Silver Oaks Behavioral Hospital.

Can I communicate with my child while at camp?
Yes. Though we encourage students to leave their phones in their room during workshops, activities, meals, or speaking events, you will be able to communicate with your child.

How do you handle student medication?
Parents/guardians are provided with a medication schedule that is required to be completed before arrival. This med schedule and medication are then provided to the camp nurse at check-in. The camp nurse is responsible for managing and distributing all student medication.

What does camp tuition include?
Each student's tuition includes access to all morning mindfulness workshops, CBT/DBT self-discovery workshops, empowerment sessions with guest speakers, group break-out sessions with mentors, promotional welcome pack and guided materials, complete meal plan and housing/lodging, and communal and inclusive games and activities.

How do you engage parents/guardians with the camp?
On the last day of the camp, parents/guardians are invited to a parental empowerment workshop that concludes with a Q&A session with our mental health panel.