Mentors have the responsibility of supporting students during their ForeverU experience. The intention of integrating mentors into our program is to provide young adults with the opportunity to "be the person they needed when they were younger." Mentors also help us ensure that the students we serve through our programs feel encouraged, valued, and supported during their time in ForeverU.

ForeverU mentors are assigned no more than (4) students and are responsible for leading weekly meetings ("meetups") that integrate peer support and self-discovery techniques using our provided leadership materials. After an application is submitted, we will review the application, contact the provided references, and complete a thorough background check. The background check we conduct includes a Department of Justice sex offender search, a national criminal search, a current county of residence search, and a terrorist watchlist search.


If we believe an applicant is a good fit for our program, they will be invited to schedule an interview with our Program Committee. If selected as a mentor, they must complete our certification program, facilitated and overseen by mental health professionals affiliated with our organization.


The certification program mentors must complete integrates training on our program policies and procedures, mental health first aid, crisis intervention, implicit bias, diversity and inclusion, addressing sensitive topics, and effectively serving as a role model for our students.

Key Qualifications

  • At Least 18 Years of Age.

  • Certified Mandated Reporter.

  • Experience Working or Volunteering with Youth.

  • Passionate About Youth Development and Mental Health Advocacy.


Key Responsibilities

  • Commit to a minimum of twelve hours of mentoring per month.

  • Participate in a monthly check-in call with a Program Manager.

  • Comply with and adhere to all local, state, and federal applicable laws.

  • Comply with all current and future program policies and procedures.
  • Must serve as a brand ambassador for ForeverU by participating in events, fundraisers, and engaging with all online social media content.


Application Requirements​

  • Provide a 1-minute introduction video.

  • Must provide at least two references.

  • Complete a thorough background check.

  • Complete the enrollment application.