Story of Impact: Meet Grace

My name is Grace and I have been involved in ForeverU for a year and a half. I got introduced to the organization by one of my best friends my sophomore year. She raved about how great her experience was here and told me how open and accepting the atmosphere was. On her recommendation, I attended my first camp the summer of 2019. I had no idea just how influential this organization would become in my life.

I met some of the strongest, most amazing people in ForeverU. They truly lifted me up and showed me that I had a purpose. When I left camp that summer, I brought home with me a notebook full of skills and advice, as well as a newfound sense of empowerment. People who were strangers at the beginning of the week became true friends and over time, a second family.

A couple months after camp, I started regularly attending the weekly peer group, which gave me a space to express any struggles and receive advice, as well as a space to listen and give advice. These groups provide a place where students can be open without judgement and where they can go to gain tools to help grow themselves.

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be involved in ForeverU. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without Forever U. I am a more open, confident, and a better person for having been involved in this organization. My life is a better one because of ForeverU and the people involved in it, students and mentors alike. It helped me to see that I am worth being supported. ForeverU provided me with a quality support system and a safe space. I truly believe any and everyone can benefit from ForeverU programming. I recommend it to everyone because it teaches skills that can be used everyday. This organization teaches you how to own your story and be proud of what makes you you. To those who believe in our work or financially support our mission, thank you for helping me to be more comfortable with myself and my story, and thank you for providing me with an amazing support system.