Story of Impact: Meet Lizzie

My name is Lizzie and I have been involved with ForeverU for four years. I have been a camp counselor for ForeverU’s Camp Reset, as well as a volunteer for the Reset Weekends and other various events ForeverU has hosted. I got involved when I tagged alone with my partner to help out Ryan (ForeverU’s founder) at ForeverU’s first Camp Reset in the summer 2017. I had no idea what the camp was about or even what ForeverU was, but it quickly became one of the most influential communities I have ever been involved with.

The fall of 2017, I was going into my senior year of college. I was a Psychology major, intending to pursue graduate school for Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I reached out to Ryan Hesslau in order to inquire how I could get more involved with the organization, thinking that this would be a great organization to get more experience with mental health. I was able to get involved that next summer of 2018 with Camp Reset as a counselor. That week solidified that mental health advocacy and empowerment was one of my biggest passions. Getting involved with ForeverU changed me in the best ways possible. The teens that I have been connected with through this organization have impacted me more than they realized. I started that week expecting to have great conversations, teach the teens mental health awareness and empowerment, and make wonderful memories. Not only did I accomplish all of that, but I was also able to recognize my own worth. ForeverU gave me a place to recognize my own strengths and weaknesses, while allowing me to gain forever friendships, mentorships, and unforgettable experiences. I would not be where I am today without ForeverU, without the relationships I made, the cherished memories I have, and the situations I went through.

I would recommend ForeverU programs for anyone and everyone wanting to grow more in who they are. Becoming comfortable with your story, who you are, and advocating for yourself is a huge piece of these programs. The growth I have seen in each and every one of the teen members AND volunteers is immense and is hard to find a way to replicate that growth elsewhere. The work that ForeverU does with high schoolers is so important to their social-emotional learning. It helps this age demographic develop skills that make them better human beings in the world and better prepares them for future hardships.

I want to thank ForeverU, all the high schoolers, the other volunteers, and everyone who has donated or supported ForeverU in any way. Thank you for helping me discover who I am and who I want to be. Thank you for pushing me to a career that I adore and am good at. Thank you for everything. I would not be where I am today without ForeverU.

Disclaimer: ForeverU is classified as a youth development organization. Please know that our volunteers, employees, and representatives are not medical professionals. We are a community of individuals who are passionate about offering support and belonging to youth on their mental health journey. The information and programs we provide are meant to encourage and support students and is not meant to replace the advice or expertise of medical professionals.

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