Story of Impact: Meet Tyler

My name is Tyler and I’ve been a ForeverU mentor for over 2 years now. I got involved in July 2018, the summer after I graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

I was told about ForeverU after having a conversation with a family member about my interests and passions in life and how I could use my knowledge and life experiences to help others, especially young people who are experiencing increasing levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. After she showed me the website, I reached out in hopes of getting involved. After sitting down with Ryan over coffee, we knew we would be a great team. The rest is history.

My first experience volunteering with ForeverU was at the week-long Camp Reset. It was at that time when I knew what my calling was. Connecting with our students, teaching them valuable life lessons and skills, and seeing them grow over such a short period of time changed my life and made me realize how much of a difference we can make not only in our community, but in the world at large. ForeverU fosters the things that matter, the things we all know the youth of today need: a sense of community, purpose, and a hunger for growth in all areas of life. We encourage our students to stop paying so much attention to all the noise around them and to pay more attention to the beauty and the power within them.

Schools teach our kids math, reading, social studies, and so forth - but they do not teach enough about mental health, personal development, and self-empowerment. These are the subjects that elevate human potential, that turn fixed mindsets into growth mindsets. That is what makes ForeverU the first domino in building a better future, a future that responds instead of reacts, a future that builds bridges instead of burns them, and a future that will make past generations proud. The impact ForeverU has made is tremendous, but we are only just getting started. I encourage everyone to get involved and to get your children involved because ForeverU is the change we all wish to see in the world.

Disclaimer: ForeverU is classified as a youth development organization. While we work closely with medical professionals and have a team of licensed mental health professionals overseeing our program, it is crucial to note that our volunteers, employees, and representatives are not medical professionals. We are a community of individuals passionate about offering hope and belonging to youth experiencing mental health challenges. Therefore, ForeverU should be utilized as an extension or “add-on” resource to youth undergoing professional treatment or receiving formal counseling services from licensed mental health professionals. The information and program we provide are meant to encourage and support students and are not meant to replace medical professionals' advice or expertise.

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