Your journey starts here

The first step a student takes as they begin their journey at ForeverU is participating in our free online retreat experience. This virtual "reset" provides students grades 7-12 with a fast-track to personal development and the power of a growth mindset. 


5 Discovery Sessions

Each day, participants will meet online via Zoom with a ForeverU instructor to learn a powerful  new personal development practice or exercise.

Digital Materials

All materials needed to participate in this online retreat will be sent to your inbox the morning of each discovery session.

Unlock Camp Access

By successfully completing all  five discovery sessions with a ForeverU Instructor, you will be eligible for our in-person camp experiences.

A five day experience designed to help you feel reset and refreshed as you continue to navigate your life story.

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Retreat Schedule

Day 1. The Power of Vision

Participants will learn the basics for setting attainable goals and casting a vision for their life story.

Day 2. The Power of You

Participants will learn how to explore their inner greatness through self-reflective techniques and practices.

Day 3. The Power of Mindfulness

Participants will learn practical steps to become more mentally centered and grounded each day of the week.

Day 4. The Power of Choice

Participants will learn principles on how to create a daily roadmap that sets them up to win in life.

Day 5. The Power of Influence

Participants will learn how to identify qualities of a supportive community that aligns with their ideal life path.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the daily sessions take place?

The retreat takes place through Zoom. A link to access each session will be sent out via text every morning of the retreat. Once you click on the link, you will be re-directed to Zoom.

What time of day do these discovery sessions take place?

These online discovery sessions take place each day from 6:30pm - 8:00pm (CT) via Zoom.

How much does the retreat cost to participate?

This retreat is free to participate as a direct result of the our generous donors and supporters.

What if I miss one of the sessions, can I still access a recording?

Yes. A recording of each session will be sent out via email at the conclusion of each session.

Do I need any materials or supplies to participate in the retreat?

Yes.​ All digital program materials will be sent out via email every morning of the retreat. These can be downloaded and printed for your convenience and are required to participate.

How do I ensure I have a quality online experience at the retreat?

Make sure that you have a strong internet connection, use the Google Chrome web browser, and keep yourself muted during the retreat unless called upon. But most importantly, take responsibility for your own learning and look at this as an opportunity to invest into yourself.

Can I attend multiple retreats?

Yes. You can attend as many retreats as you would like.

Will I be expected to speak or participate at the retreat?

No. You will not be required to speak or participate unless you ask a question or voluntarily share a response to a question asked by a session instructor.

Is attendance required for all sessions?

Yes. If you are registered for an online retreat, you are expected to be there. If you are not in attendance to all retreat sessions, you will not be eligible to attend our in-person camps.


How many students participate in this retreat?

We have each retreat at 50 retreat participants.

What happens at the end of the retreat?

At the end of the retreat, you will be invited to continue to your ForeverU journey by getting a ForeverU Membership. This exclusive program will give you access to an online mentor, a supportive peer group, and 6 months of personal development programming.

If you don't want to become a ForeverU Member, you will still have access to our in-person camps that take place during the winter and summer months.

What's the advantage of having a ForeverU membership?

Aside from having access to a dedicated mentor, a supportive peer community, and 6 months of personal development programming, you will have the opportunity to become a "Peer Mentor" at the end of the 6 months. This special role allows you to serve as a fellow mentor for new students who've enrolled into ForeverU.


What happens after the retreat?

At the end of the retreat, you will have the opportunity to continue your ForeverU journey by joining our online membership program.


This online experience will give you access to an online mentor, a supportive peer community, and 6 months of personal development programming.

What if I don't want a membership?

If you'd prefer to not have a ForeverU membership, you can still stay involved with the ForeverU community by attending our in-person camps that are offered  in the winter and summer months.

Disclaimer: ForeverU is classified as a youth development organization. Please know that our volunteers, employees, and representatives are not medical professionals. We are a community of individuals who are passionate about offering support and belonging to youth on their mental health journey. The information and programs we provide are meant to encourage and support students and is not meant to replace the advice or expertise of medical professionals.

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